the beauty of google analytics

Yesterday’s post proved most fruitful – I tracked everyone’s IP addresses. I now have a shortlist.

The snitch shall be named and shamed. Apologise and I’ll consider not linking your name to wizard of oz munchkin suicide debacle.


There’s a snitch!!!

So AllTomorrow and I got outed. Someone snitched!
Unfortunately we didn’t get a years pay and a frog march out a la Fight Club.


Viva Concrete bitches!

BTW there’s a copywriter/marketing dude and CD roles going at MassMedia now…

My new Baby

My new Baby

i’m jumping on the bandwagon

I was avoiding the iphone citing the shithouse battery, exorbitant charges and all the other yada yada you’ve read elsewhere. until i saw this app.
Now: Must Have

A message for Black Moby

(From Brand DNA)

reason number 76589 to want to work with Naked

I’d probably prefer to have a shaved monkey shove pencils down the eye of my cock rather than go on a contiki tour, but I must admit that the current campaign Naked is running for them is very cool. check out the youtube channel here or watch the first video below.

They sent their new intern on a week long contiki tour as his first assignment. basically he walks in and gets told, “hey you’re going to amsterdam at 230”.

Our intern got to make a 3D representation of our logo from cardboard. Oh, and she got to deliver coffee to a meeting i was in once – that’s a memory that will stay with her forever.

Comedy Gold

David Cho is my new hero. A true artist. Witness his latest masterpiece ‘Dancing Grimace’

The new sprite?

Mountain Dew have a new basketball themed ad. Destined to be an iconic ad for the balling crowd, maybe not in the same league as “Grant Hill drinks Sprite”, but up there.

The original:

Santogold and Pharrell

Like every other schmuck hipster wannabe out there i’m loving Santogold at the moment. And converse has picked up on that and thrown Pharrell and Julian Casablancas into the mix to create an interesting take on branded content. The song is branded per se, at least i haven’t picked up any overt messages in the lyrics yet, but it’s been commisioned by Converse, or on its behalf by its agency Anomaly. Anomaly are an interesting group to check out, they’ve been doing the whole IP sharing or taking stock or profit share for its work. A new trend in linking ad agencies more closely to their clients.  what happens when your CD and top creatives walk out and set up their own shop though?

Audi Facebook App

One of the clients my day job does a bit of work on is Audi. As part of the launch for a new super dooper limited edition version of their S3 sports hatch, we developed a facebook app that linked back to a flash micro site. The facebook app is a first for the Australian automotive market, and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

The developers had many headaches getting the app to work as Facebook’s testing environment is more or less non-existent and very difficult to work with. I have a much better appreciation of why so many apps don’t work or are just plain crap.

Also, the amount of data that developers can pull from your profile was a bit of an eye opener. Truly scary what could be done by a more unscrupulous type than us fine folk at MassMedia

Check out the facebook app here:

Or go for the full experience:

The S3 Limited Edition Log in


The pilgrims are killing me. All i wanted to do today was hit Randwick and borrow The Stig and Ah Gibbo’s studio to dump some footage. A few weeks back I shot some awesome footage with randomlogik for a Nick Knowledge and Jacob Giles film clip. But i’ve been lazy and it’s all  still sitting on the tapes in my room.

Today I finally got of my fat ass, and what did I find? 50 million pilgrims wandering up anzac parade, shutting down the buses and all round fucking with plans!

I’m going to go and work on my super secret project with AllTomorrow instead. News to come on that later