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Another W Trailer

Great song choice – I’m definitely looking forward to it.


The Return of Rave

The ever fantastic Public School Intelligentsia finally define two age old concepts, what is the difference between a Fucktard and a Raver.




I’ve joined Romulous and Logikus over at Degourget. Check it out to keep on top of all the latest in Design, Gadgets and Gourmet

enough said

What the Douche?

Why are Oliver Stone and Francis Ford Coppola hanging out with Brett Ratner?

Never grow old

Got an opinion on Bush?

The Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco is an interesting little group “dedicated to paying tribute to the President.”
They “think it is important to select a fitting monument to this president’s work” and have thus started a petition to name a suitable monument after George W. Bush.
So what is it they want to name after him?
The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission’s Oceanside Treatment Plant

Example #4329 of people with too much time on their hands

These two guys have created a mini fireworks-esque display using diet coke and mentos. Ridiculous, yet captivating. Like dogs playing poker.

fresh sneakers anyone?

this is fucking crazy. An ebay auction for 250 pairs of size 10 nikes. no pair the same or so the ad says.
Go have a geez, there’s a nice little video with Kanye’s good life playing as well.
Currently sitting at 60k

Going forward we will be enhancing our capacity to leverage synergies

I have a love/hate relationship with biz speak. Hours of fun have come from nonsensical email chains that discuss nothing yet rack up word counts that run into the thousands. Wank bingo has raised many a chuckle at company training days and I relish the chance to crack 10 mentions of synergy in every presentation I ever give. At the same time I acknowledge that it is the work of the devil.

Public School Intelligentsia has become my new favourite blog, they have a much funnier and better thought out post on this topic called “let’s talk shit!” that links to this great little BBC news piece.

I think I know where the rest of superstar dj Matty MB’s morning is going.