Audi Facebook App

One of the clients my day job does a bit of work on is Audi. As part of the launch for a new super dooper limited edition version of their S3 sports hatch, we developed a facebook app that linked back to a flash micro site. The facebook app is a first for the Australian automotive market, and it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

The developers had many headaches getting the app to work as Facebook’s testing environment is more or less non-existent and very difficult to work with. I have a much better appreciation of why so many apps don’t work or are just plain crap.

Also, the amount of data that developers can pull from your profile was a bit of an eye opener. Truly scary what could be done by a more unscrupulous type than us fine folk at MassMedia

Check out the facebook app here:

Or go for the full experience:

The S3 Limited Edition Log in


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