The New Kicks Arrived

The latest additions

Once upon a time I was quite the little Imelda Marcos, furnishing my closet with a pair of fresh sneakers every week. Or at least as often as my pay cheques would allow. Something changed a few years ago when I rediscovered low cut white cons. Sneaker shopping became easy as my footwear selection process was simplified. I didn’t even need to look around the shop; I’d walk in, ask for the size, hand over my filthy lucre and depart. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

Lately I’ve found myself gazing longing at new kicks all the time. I blame the nefarious influence that is AllTomorrow and Black Moby. Their “check these” emails pepper my inbox daily it seems, taunting me with choices. Slowly but surely I’ve found myself sucked back in and last week a seismic shift occurred. In a move that does not bode well for my bank balance I went in on a group order from eBay and op[ted for a new pair as far removed my plain cons as possible. I bought a pair of space boots essentially.

I was hoping I had sated the beast with this purchase but then I remembered about these bad boys. Payday can’t come quick enough.


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